mercredi 8 avril 2015

half-em and dash in Word : why copy paste command line from MS-WORD with dashes fail

Word evolves , it replaces dash  by typographic characters the picky way. so dashes.
I was copy pasting from word and bang! :
# keytool -list –v -keystore tomcat.jks
Unrecognized command: –v
it is hidden to non hexadecimal reader
[root@h0l1ice11t conf]# echo "keytool -list –v ..."|od -cx
0000000 k e y t o o l   - l i s t   342 200 
      656b 7479 6f6f 206c 6c2d 7369 2074 80e2
0000020 223 v  
fiiiix it …..
* in word, deactivate any automatism
menu file / option / verification / option auto-correction ….
uncheck outrageously
* and now replace – by – [sic]
there is an option to type "half-em-dash"
the option : “Plus>>” “special” “half-em-dash"
conclusion : use MD (markdown), not MS

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